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Happy Tails by Sandra

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Phone (661) 942-3738
Address 709 W Lancaster Blvd B,
Lancaster, CA 93534 United States


Happy Tails by Sandra is a top provider of pet grooming service in Lancaster. Visit us very soon at our storefront or give us a phone call at (661) 942-3738.

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  • Happy Tails by Sandra

    $949 and 26 day long NIGHTMARE

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    “On 7/15 I entered Happy Tails.There was a gentleman purchasing a large bag of dog food. This man was completely out the door before I began discussing the services I was requesting for Molly with Sandra. I explained I wanted my dog shaved. Sandra asked how much hair I wanted cut & I responded she could use her best judgment. Sandra then stated she would do about a zero. While I did not understand what that meant, I assumed it just meant short. I called the store later that day at 4:55pm since I had not received a call yet. Molly was not ready. I called again at 8:26pm, Molly was not ready. Not knowing what to do, we headed back to our hotel to wait for a call to pick her up, nothing. At 10pm we went down to the strip mall where the groomer was to ensure it was still open. We saw Sandra inside brushing my dog & decided to wait in the car. At 10:52pm that my dog was ready, 12 hours after I initially dropped her off. When I received my dog, she was not shaved only brushed out. That evening, back at our hotel, my dog immediately began to drink an excessive amount of water.I then brought her to bed with me & began petting her. She gave out a very loud yelp & snapped at me as I stroked her near her left hip. This is the first time in 5 years my dog has attempted to snap at me. The following day she was still in pain and extremely sensitive to the touch. I called Sandra at 9 am to see if anything had happened in the 12 hours she had my dog. She stated she had no explanation for her behavior and that nothing had happened to her in those 12 hours that she had her. I found it odd she was already in the shop the following morning after working over 12 hours the previous day. Later that evening my dog tried to hop onto my lap as I sat on a low recliner. My dog was unable to get herself off the ground & fell back onto her back w/o any stability from her hind legs. My dog had never exhibited this behavior before. By 7/18/11 Molly was still in pain,crying each time I barely touched her rear left hip area. Her skin appeared irritated at the base of her hair follicles on her lower back. Her symptoms began immediately after we brought her to the hotel from the groomers. On Tuesday 07/19/11 her body was complete hard & bloated I took her to the vet & they did xrays. I posted a review on Yelp describing my experience on 07/18/11.On 7/21/11 the vet prescribed anti-flammatories. I contacted Sandra in tears,, the call got me nowhere. By 07/22/11 my dog was still suffering,we decided to do an emergency spay to ensure my dog did not have pyometra. Also Later that evening Ironically there were two new reviews contradicting my reviews, one of the reviews claimed they themselves were present when I dropped off my dog. The person stated they recalled me asking Sandra not to shave my dog & that I wanted her to save her fur no matter how matted.The fact a business owner would feel the need to post a false/fabricated lie speaks volumes. Had this story been true, how would someone one randomly remember me & then know to go onto Yelp to state I was lying? As stated above, there were no other individuals present when I dropped off my dog. After opting for the emergency spay on 7/22/11 on 07/26/11 when I came home from work I found my dog trembling excessively. At 9:00 pm I took my dogs temperature & it was 105.2 degrees. I rushed my dog to the ER where they confirmed she had a fever and immediately began to treat her. The following day I missed work, again to take her to the vet. Her stitches had begun to puss & were infected & required a second immediate surgery. In speaking with the vet, she stated the infection could have quite possibly been from my dog being open longer than a normal spay would have required as she pulled out her intestines & thoroughly inspected all her organs due to the pain she had been having over that past week & the concern over her injuries being caused by the groomer. On 8/10/11 my dog finally had her stitches removed and I incurred a total of $949 in vet bills. 26 day long nightmare!”

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